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Research Papers  Rethinking choice overload: when the world needs more options

Elena Reutskaja; Nathan Cheek; Sheena Iyengar; Barry Schwartz Despite recent alarm about choice overload, a new global study finds it's usually better to have too much choice than not enough. Read article

Studies and Reports  10 trends shaping ecommerce in Spain

Íñigo Gallo, IESE, Veepee The typical online shopper uses their mobile phone, pays with a credit card and is influenced most by social media. That is according to a 2021 study of the future of ecommerce in Spain. Read article

Articles and Opinion  When the product offer isn't clear, change the way people think about it

Romain Boulongne If your potential customers are scratching their heads, consider "priming" them with a goal to accomplish. Goal prompts, along with analogies and prototypes, can help position your products strategically, according to IESE's Romain Boulongne. Read article

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