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Articles and Opinion  Hurry! Only 3 left in stock! When scarcity signals are most powerful

Calvo, Eduard; Cui, Ruomeng; Wagner, Laura Many retailers disclose product availability to get customers to buy, but does it really boost sales and profits? By studying this effect in online retail, we identify the contexts where scarcity signals are most powerful. Read article

Articles and Opinion  Generational opportunities

IESE Insight; Nueno, José Luis Businesses need to understand what makes the different age groups tick. Getting into the heads of these key generations, says IESE's José Luis Nueno, can help you deliver the best possible customer experience. Read article

Studies and Reports  5 strategies to build an alliance for social good

Arias Padilla, Diego; Fontrodona, Joan It's clearer than ever that business and social initiatives need to work together to build a better world. An alliance to vaccinate millions of at-risk children is an inspiring example as the race to develop a coronavirus vaccine accelerates. Read article

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