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Articles and Opinion  When the product offer isn't clear, change the way people think about it

Romain Boulongne If your potential customers are scratching their heads, consider "priming" them with a goal to accomplish. Goal prompts, along with analogies and prototypes, can help position your products strategically, according to IESE's Romain Boulongne. Read article

Research Papers  Optimizing influencers' influence: which brands to promote where?

Isabelle Engeler; Kate Barasz Whose opinion about running shoes would you trust more? Someone loyal to one brand or someone who mixes and matches up their exercise gear? Research by Isabelle Engeler points to the latter. Read article

Research Papers  What's in a number? Numerical nudging to boost motivation and decision-making

C. Lembregts; Jorge Pena Marin Try expressing your goals in large numbers to help put yourself in the right mindset to achieve them. And to prod customers to make sales decisions, try presenting them with round numbers first and then precise ones close to the point of purchase. Read article

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