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Articles and Opinion  When hiring, don't regret the one that got away

Johannes Müller-Trede What feelings of regret tell us about decision-making in high-stakes situations, and why it is important that we keep learning as we move on. Read article

Books  Is getting a raise one of your New Year's resolutions?

Kandarp Mehta; Guido Stein Here are tips for win-win negotiations, based on the 2021 book by Kandarp Mehta and Guido Stein, Negotiate Good, Negotiate Well. Before you enter into your next salary negotiation, understand the relevant variables. Read article

Knowledge Exchange  Check the health of your decision-making

IESE Insight The COVID-19 pandemic means it's resolutely not business as usual for companies across the globe. But the rules of excellent decision-making hold firm while everything else changes. Read article

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A systematic review of empirical studies on advice-based decisions in behavioral and organizational research. J. E. Kämmer; Shoham Choshen-Hillel; Johannes Müller-Trede; S. L. Black; J. Weibler
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Rational choice in context Shlomi Sher; Craig R. M. McKenzie; Johannes Müller-Trede; Lim M. Leong