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Studies and Reports  Search funds continue to go global

Lenka Kolarova; Peter Kelly; Jan Simon; Rob Johnson IESE's biennial study of international search funds -- released October 13, 2022 -- tracks this asset class's progress on five continents. Read article

Studies and Reports  Aerospace and wellbeing, the most profitable areas for startups in Spain and Portugal

Mª Julia Prats; Juan Antonio Alcaraz Despite market uncertainty in 2021, the year saw significant growth in startup volume and activity, as well as an increase in funding received. This is the conclusion of a study analyzing a new generation of startups in Spain and Portugal. Read article

Studies and Reports  30% more business angels for Spain

Juan Roure; Laura Caballero Medina; Amparo de San José Riestra Spain's growing network of angel investors increased their portfolios in 2021 and the percentage of investors who remained on the sidelines was just 15%. That is according to a 2022 study of Spanish business angels' startup investments. Read article

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