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Research Papers  Job stickiness? The unexpected benefit of patents

Melero, Eduardo; Palomeras, Neus; Wehrheim, David A surprising finding about patented innovations has implications for managing patent-heavy firms. Research by IESE's David Wehrheim and co-authors may lead the way for larger investments in inventors' learning and development for the long term. Read article

Studies and Reports  Only 3 out of 10 employees are happy in their work

Las Heras, Mireia; Palet, Gemma; Riera, Gemma Companies are failing to motivate their employees, according to a new report from Spain that highlights low levels of satisfaction and identification. Read article

Research Papers  Collectivists or individuals? How relational mobility affects worldview

San Martín, Álvaro; Schug, J.; Maddux, William W. Is it easy to make new friends where you live and work? The answer to this question has implications for how you and your colleagues think -- analytically or holistically -- according to scientific research. Read article

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