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Knowledge Exchange  Economist Amartya Sen on growth in human terms

Marta Elvira, Amartya Sen Human development is at the heart of the work of the award-winning economist and philosopher Amartya Sen. Speaking with IESE's Marta Elvira, Sen underscores the importance of learning and communicating for advancing society. Read article

Articles and Opinion  Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson: "Never trust atoms because they make everything up"

IESE Insight How to use humor, dignity and respect to reach people as a leader. An enlightening talk with star astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, interviewed by IESE's Bill Baker. Read article

Articles and Opinion  4 principles to manage your career for the long term

Dorie Clark Just as CEOs jeopardize long-term growth by only focusing on quarterly profits, we risk falling into the same trap in our personal and professional lives. Follow these tips to break the short-term orientation, see the big picture, and tap into the power of small changes to transform your life and career. Read article

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The Grand challenge none of us chose: Nancy J. Adler; Sonja Sackmann; Shanon Arieli; Marufa (Mimi) Akter; Christoph Barmeyer; Cordula Barzantny; Dan Caprar; Yih-Teen Lee; Leigh Anne Liu; Giovanna Magnani; Justin Marcus; Christof Miska; Fiona Moore; Sun Hyun Park; Sebastian Reiche; Anne-Marie Søderberg; Jeremy Solomons; Zhi-Xue Zhang
Global leadership effectiveness Sebastian Reiche; Joyce S. Osland; Mark E. Mendenhall; B. Skudlarek