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Books  How to open up to fruitful conversation

Santiago Álvarez de Mon In his latest book, Santiago Álvarez de Mon encourages his readers to broach those important conversations that are still pending -- whether in a professional, personal or family realm. Read article

Knowledge Exchange  How to design a hybrid sales strategy

Cosimo Chiesa, Íñigo Gallo Iñigo Gallo asks his colleague Cosimo Chiesa about three key building blocks of a hybrid sales strategy -- a strategy that has become a necessity in lockdown times and offers advantages once the current storm has cleared. Read article

Knowledge Exchange  Large public deficits and inflation: recovery challenges ahead

Juan José Toribio, Antonio Argandoña, Pedro Videla The global economy is expected to grow, boosted by government spending and expansionary monetary policy. The formidable challenge in the coming years will be to rein in the public deficit. Read article

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