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Studies and Reports  Working remotely two to three days a week, the best option

Mireia Las Heras; Júlia Gifra Only 12% of workers want to work remotely every day. And when working remotely an optimal two to three times a week, employees' productivity and work quality are boosted by almost 20%, according to a new report. Read article

Articles and Opinion  The upsides of downward deference

Sebastian Reiche; Tsedal Neeley Leaders who find themselves out of their element can get ahead by deferring to subordinates. Here we explain how power can come from letting it go. Read article

Knowledge Exchange  Your move: how chess gives strategies for life

IESE Insight Chess is enjoying a renaissance, as people search for new forms of escapism during lockdown. But for Robert Katende in Uganda, the game never went out of style. Indeed, it's his strategic tool to inspire people with hope of a better life. Read article

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Family‐supportive organisational culture, work–family balance satisfaction and government effectiveness Mireia Las Heras; Yasin Rofcanin; Pablo Ignacio Escribano; SoWon Kim; Michael Mayer
The upsides of downward deference Sebastian Reiche; Tsedal Neeley