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Research Papers  Benchwarming or bias? Do coaches in the NBA discriminate based on race?

Maoret, Massimo; Ertug, Gokhan Recent research suggested that basketball coaches in the NBA were more likely to assign playing time to players of their own race. But Massimo Maoret and Gokhan Ertug found that the bias evaporated when a common strategy called "resting the starters" was factored in. Read article

Studies and Reports  Emergency plan to counter the youth unemployment crisis

Blazquez, Maria Luisa; Masclans, Roger; Canals, Jordi Some 83% of large companies in Spain have trouble filling their local job vacancies because they aren't finding the required competencies in candidates. That's according to a new report by María Luisa Blázquez, Roger Masclans and Jordi Canals. Read article

Studies and Reports  How to plan an orderly return to work

Muller, Philip; Fontrodona, Joan As lockdowns are lifted, companies are getting back to their businesses riddled with uncertainty. Drawing from experiences after natural disasters and terrorist attacks, Joan Fontrodona and Philip Muller offer a series of guidelines to organize "operation return." Read article

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Family‐supportive organisational culture, work–family balance satisfaction and government effectiveness Mireia Las Heras; Yasin Rofcanin; Pablo Ignacio Escribano; SoWon Kim; Michael Mayer