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Research Papers  Is promoting agile, self-directed ways of working always wise?

Tobias Dennerlein; Bradley Kirkman When employees are granted autonomy and authority, they tend to be more committed, creative and satisfied at work. But there are times when empowered employees are more likely to behave unethically. New research roots this out. Read article

Articles and Opinion  Work and life in the balance

Evangelia Demerouti The worldwide reality of remote working during the pandemic provided the perfect natural experiment to observe the work-family interface in real time. Here we present evidence-based strategies to survive -- and thrive -- in the new normal. Read article

Articles and Opinion  Triple motivation: three keys to authentic success

Gabriel Ginebra What drives you to work hard every day: Money? Personal fulfillment? Or the chance to make the world a better place? For IESE's late dean Juan Antonio Perez Lopez, the authentic answer is all three. Read article

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