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Articles and Opinion  The war's collateral damage: the end of SWIFT as we know it

Sandra Sieber While tough sanctions on Russia may be justified by its invasion of Ukraine, excluding Russian banks from SWIFT will encourage the development of alternative systems by China and others. Read article

Studies and Reports  How to leverage scientific advances in your company

Jonathan Wareham, Laia Pujol, Angelo Kenneth Romasanta, Thomas Wareham Mathiassen, Markus Nordberg, Pablo Garcia Tello Publicly funded research laboratories are where innovations as disruptive as the World Wide Web continue to be born. But the process of getting scientific discoveries out of the lab and into the market hasn't been smooth. How might it be systematized? Read article

Research Papers  Starry right? The real story behind online ratings

Christoph Schneider; Markus Weinmann; Peter N. C. Mohr; Jan vom Brocke From Amazon to Airbnb, we expect previous-customer ratings to help us understand the quality we can expect. But stars can be misleading, particularly when compared between different systems. Read article

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Processes of ecosystem emergence Llewellyn D.W. Thomas; Erkko Autio; David M. Gann, Inc: The AI Transformation Sampsa Samila; Isaac Sastre Boquet