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Research Papers  How much will COVID-19 shake the world economy?

Fernandes, Nuno "The potential impacts of the coronavirus crisis are larger than any previously seen in history," warns Nuno Fernandes in a new report. The economies of Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain are predicted to be among the most affected. Read article

Knowledge Exchange  Coping with the coronavirus crisis: A guide for business leaders

IESE Insight How can executives keep calm and lead during the COVID-19 outbreak? Six experts discuss resilient strategies, clear crisis communications, reducing anxiety, increasing health security and more to help leaders respond to the pandemic as proactively as possible. Read article

Articles and Opinion  The global economy: nothing new here

Argandoña, Antonio Big changes usually simmer on low heat. What we need to do is identify and leverage the macroeconomic, social and political shifts that can have a relevant impact on global firms. Read article