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Knowledge Exchange  Emerging economies on brink of default

IESE Insight With dollar-denominated debt and weakened local currencies, many emerging economies need international assistance now to avoid defaults. If international institutions don't help, we'll come to question them in this crisis and beyond. Read article

Articles and Opinion  Political economy, or economic politics?

Videla, Pedro Income inequality is a hot topic in the U.S. political debates. But has the income of the top 1% actually soared? Taking a closer look at some widely cited statistics is enough to raise some serious doubts. Read article

Articles and Opinion  What do we have to lose? Risk compensation during a pandemic

Talamas, Eduard In the race to get COVID-19 under control, should we roll out a new vaccine that's perfectly safe but only partially effective? Not so fast: if the less-than-optimal vaccine encourages risky behavior, it may end up causing more harm than good. Read article

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