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Articles and Opinion  The economic recovery: slower, with risks, but also hopeful

Juan José Toribio; Pedro Videla Which risks and challenges are currently keeping economists up at night? IESE's Juan José Toribio and Pedro Videla point to supply bottlenecks, fiscal deficits, instability in the bond market and China. And while our recovery is slower than previously expected, there are reasons for optimism ahead. Read article

Knowledge Exchange  What's next for interest rates in Europe?

Núria Mas Spain's central bank chief, Pablo Hernández de Cos, clarifies the European Central Bank's new monetary policy strategy. He also explains why an interest rate hike is not expected in the short term, as three key conditions are not currently being met. Read article

Research Papers  Why are wages so low in so many markets?

José Azar; Ioana Marinescu; Marshall Steinbaum; Bledi Taska When a large company comes to town, many rejoice that new jobs come, too. But an award-winning paper in Labour Economics shows that 60% of U.S. labor markets have a high degree of labor market concentration, which seems to suppress workers' wages in those areas. Read article