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Articles and Opinion  How high will interest rates go?

IESE Insight We are facing a radical change in the financial cycle. Inflation is forcing central banks to raise interest rates. How far will rates climb? And how will higher rates affect our economic recovery? Enric Fernandez, chief economist at CaixaBank, and Jordi Gual, professor at IESE, share their views. Read article

Articles and Opinion  Hard truths about the energy transition -- and other economic challenges

Antonio Argandoña; Alfredo Pastor On top of two economic problems traditionally faced by Spain -- high public debt levels and unemployment -- there are two more global ones at play: inflation and the cost of the energy transition. How should these newer challenges be addressed? Read article

Studies and Reports  How to balance the bright and dark sides of technology to inform banking regulation

Darrell Duffie; Thierry Foucault; Laura Veldkamp; Xavier Vives Technology and Finance, the fourth report in the Future of Banking series, examines how new digital technologies can be beneficial and disruptive to the financial industry. Issues include the emergence of digital currencies and the use of big data. Read article

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Innovating Through PPPs: The Case of Economic Development in Barcelona Pascual Berrone; Carlos Carrasco-Farré; Alicia Plana; Joan Enric Ricart; Giorgia Trupia