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Mind the Gap: Capturing Value from Basic Research through Combining Mobile Inventors and Partnerships 

Date: 11/2018 Author(s): Cassiman, Bruno; Veugelers, Reinhilde; Arts, Sam Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) To successfully generate more valuable technologies from accessing basic research knowledge, firms need to combine institutional and individual level bridges to universities and research institutes active in basic research. This combination is particularly important when the new technology builds on scientific prior art. While mobile inventors are ... More information Read related article

How AI Will - and Won't - Change the Way You Manage 

Date: 17/09/2018 Author(s): Canals, Jordi; Cassiman, Bruno; Elvira, Marta; Sieber, Sandra; Raes, Anneloes Document type: Non-refereed article Digitalization, big data, machine learning, robotics and artificial intelligence are reshaping industries, making once strong business models obsolete, growing new enterprises with different capabilities and skill sets, disrupting companies and communities, and ushering in social change. What are the key issues for leadership, governance and management? ... More information Read related article

Internationalization, Innovation, and Productivity 

Date: 09/2018 Author(s): Cassiman, Bruno; Golovko, Elena Document type: Chapter International economics research has emphasized the role of trade-imports and exports-as an important mechanism for technology flows and innovation across borders and a source of productivity growth both at the country and firm level. Empirical studies primarily have focused on understanding the relationship between exports and productivity at the ... More information

Text Matching to Measure Patent Similarity 

Date: 01/2018 Author(s): Arts, Sam; Cassiman, Bruno; Gómez, Juan Carlos Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) We propose using text matching to measure the technological similarity between patents. Technology experts from different fields validate the new similarity measure and its improvement on measures based on the United States Patent Classification System, and identify its limitations. As an application, we replicate prior findings on the localization ... More information

Open Innovation: Are Inbound And Outbound Knowledge Flows Really Complementary? 

Date: 06/2016 Author(s): Cassiman, Bruno; Valentini, Giovanni Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) One novel implication of the open innovation paradigm is that inflows and outflows of knowledge are complementary. We argue that engaging simultaneously in buying and selling knowledge should allow firms to increase innovation outcomes. At the same time, we identify some of the relevant costs (cognitive, transaction, and organizational costs) that ... More information Read related article

Developing an Innovation Mindset 

Date: 09/2015 Author(s): Cassiman, Bruno Document type: Chapter When asked about the most important change in the environment affecting their job, CEOs mention the increase in uncertainty and the need for constant change. But what is really driving this "uncertainty"? And more importantly, what consequences does this uncertainty have for the role of the CEO and the executive team? More information

Exploring the Scope of Open Innovation: A Bibliometric Review of a Decade of Research 

Date: 09/2015 Author(s): Kovács, Adrián; Van Looy, Bart; Cassiman, Bruno Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) The concept of open innovation has attracted considerable attention since Henry Chesbrough first coined it to capture the increasing reliance of firms on external sources of innovation. Although open innovation has flourished as a topic within innovation management research, it has also triggered debates about the coherence of the research endeavors ... More information

Three Trends That Will Change How You Manage  Premium

Date: 16/12/2014 Author(s): Ferraro, Fabrizio; Cassiman, Bruno Editor(s): Cátedra Nissan de Estrategia Corporativa y Competitividad Internacional Document type: Non-refereed article Building on research in the field of strategic management, this article develops a framework to think about three emerging challenges: Globalization, Digitization and Politicization. How can corporate leaders confront this 21st century brand of "GDP"? CEOs will have to change how they allocate resources by becoming Arbitrageurs; adopt the mind-set ... More information Read related article

Unraveling the Within Industry Heterogeneity: Submarkets, Ecosystem Niches and Their Impact on Firm Survival, Entry and Value Capturing 

Date: 15/12/2014 Author(s): Uzunca, Bilgehan Thesis advisor(s): Cassiman, Bruno Document type: Doctoral Thesis Heterogeneity within industry structures and markets is a central issue in management research. Seminal work in this field focused primarily on homogeneous product markets. However, industries are increasingly characterized by specialization and heterogeneity within their structures, which may pose challenges regarding the applicability of the existing ... More information

Competitive Landscapes 

Date: 09/2014 Author(s): Cassiman, Bruno; Ghemawat, Pankaj Document type: Chapter Competitive landscapes are representations of the effects of differences in competitive positioning or of interactions along various dimensions -- usually a small subset of all the imaginable ones -- on business performance. Thus, in the typical three-dimensional visualization, a firm occupies a position in the (two-dimensional) plane and the height ... More information
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