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Pennies From Heaven? Strategic Turnaround at J.C. Penney 

Date: 10/05/2018 Author(s): Maoret, Massimo; Martin Romano, Cristina; Ferraro, Fabrizio Document type: Case The case discusses the formulation and implementation of the strategic turnaround of J.C. Penney, a major U.S. retailer, by Ron Johnson, a star executive who previously led the creation and expansion of the Apple Store. The turnaround is bold and far-reaching, raising questions about whether it will work or not. More information

A Road Map for Successful Strategy Execution  Premium

Date: 20/03/2018 Author(s): Ferraro, Fabrizio; Argüelles, José Miguel; Maoret, Massimo Document type: Non-refereed article How do you successfully execute strategy? It's not just about making rational economic decisions. Effective strategy execution demands something more, as the authors find from their analysis of academic literature, hundreds of business cases and their interactions with top executives. This article defines their concept of strategic leadership, as developed ... More information Read related article

The Social Construction of Facts: Surviving a Post-Truth World 

Date: 10/05/2017 Author(s): Speaker(s): Maoret, Massimo Document type: Session (Video) In a world where truth and fiction are blurring, Massimo asks a simple question: What happened to facts? Through an analysis of how social networks have changed, Massimo launches a call to action and proposes solutions to diffuse the dangers lingering in our post-truth society. More information

Free-Riding in Multi-Party Alliances: The Role of Perceived Alliance Effectiveness and Peers' Collaboration in a Research Consortium 

Date: 02/2017 Author(s): Fonti, Fabio; Maoret, Massimo; Whitbred, Robert Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Research summary: Multi-party alliances rely on partners' willingness to commit and pool their efforts in joint endeavors. However, partners face the dilemma of how much to commit to the alliance. We shed light on this issue by analyzing the relationship between partners' free-riding - defined as their effort-withholding - and their perceptions of ... More information Read related article

The Direct and Indirect Effects of Core and Peripheral Social Capital on Organizational Performance 

Date: 08/2016 Author(s): Fonti, Fabio; Maoret, Massimo Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Research summary: In this paper we adopt a core-periphery approach to specify the direct and indirect effects of social capital on organizational performance. We suggest that social capital deriving from stable task relationships between organizational members has a direct positive effect on organizational performance. Said effect depends, in both ... More information Read related article

Shareholder Engagement: From Activism to Corporate Change 

Date: 13/11/2015 Author(s): Beccarini, Irene Thesis advisor(s): Ferraro, Fabrizio; Maoret, Massimo Document type: Doctoral Thesis This thesis explores the role of shareholder engagement in inducing changes in firms' environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices and in affecting firms' financial performances. The first chapter articulates the mechanisms by which investors develop their long-term dialogues with firms and produce changes in corporate practices. The second ... More information

Cognitive Categorization and Network Perception: Cognitive Aggregated Social Structures in Opaque Networks 

Date: 09/2015 Author(s): Fonti, Fabio; Maoret, Massimo; Whitbred, Robert Document type: Chapter We extend the literature on network perception by introducing a novel view of how this perception is structured. We propose the concept of Cognitive Aggregated Social Structures (CASS) as a framework to capture perceptions of opaque networks - that is, networks where relations are difficult to observe due to their features, their members, and the characteristics ... More information

Strategy That's Off the Chart 

Date: 15/06/2014 Author(s): Maoret, Massimo Document type: Opinion The man considered to be the father of strategic management, H. Igor Ansoff, who passed away 12 years ago this July 2014, left his mark with business research that was not only academically rigorous but also directly applicable to managers. In this sense, he would have made a welcome contributor to IESE Insight magazine. More information

Reunited: Exploring the performance effects of newcomers' tie reactivation 

Date: 01/2013 Author(s): Maoret, Massimo Document type: Proceeding Management scholars have rarely analyzed how prior social networks might help or hinder the job performance of new organizational members. However, internal and external job markets are increasingly characterized by high mobility of experienced professionals, who have extensive social networks rooted in their past collaborations and shared work experiences. ... More information

Rebels with a Cause 

Date: 11/2012 Author(s): Candace, Jones; Maoret, Massimo; Massa, Felipe G.; Svejenova, Silviya Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Most category studies have focused on established categories with discrete boundaries. These studies not only beg the question of how a de novo category arises, but also upon what institutional material actors draw to create a de novo category. We examine the formation and theorization of the de novo category "modern architecture" between 1870 and ... More information
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