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The Impact Of Digital Technologies On The Paid Content Market

Date: 01/04/2015 Author(s): Sanjay Sood; Loreto Corredoira; Alicia Mª Urgellés; Julián Villanueva Document type: Technical Note The arrival of digital distributors such as Hulu, Netflix and iTunes to the digital media landscape has brought about substantial changes to the television and movie industry. While the observed growth of the new streaming models is definitely encouraging, the question remains as to whether the new media companies will be able to deliver a significant ... More information

The Fight for Control of The New England Wire & Cable Company: Other People's Money

Date: 01/02/2013 Author(s): Ahmad Rahnema Alavi; Hillel M. Maximon; Jordan Mitchell Document type: Case This is a case study based on the much-heralded movie, "Other People's Money." In summary, the story is about how different parties view and pursue the same business. Imagine standing before you the statuesque, articulate and regal Mr. Andrew Jorgensen (played by Gregory Peck) and the pretentious, derisive and totally unappealing Mr. Lawrence Garfield ... More information

Social Networks as Marketing Tools for Media Companies

Date: 01/01/2013 Author(s): Alfonso Sánchez Tabernero; Julián Villanueva; José Luis Orihuela Document type: Book Chapter This chapter will explore how media companies can use social networks for selling their products and services. We will suggest that the Web 2.0 is an efficient way to create and protect brand recognition, but it cannot be used as a substitutive of traditional marketing channels. First of all, we will analyze the nature of social networks: what are ... More information
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