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Blockchain for Managers 

Date: 14/05/2019 Author(s): Savic, Brana; Gregory, Robert Wayne Document type: Technical Note Blockchain has become known as a type of distributed ledger technology that helps to lower transaction costs and make intellectual property ownership and the transfer of financial assets more transparent and secure. The purpose of this technical note is to introduce managers to blockchain. What does every manager need to know about blockchain? Under ... More information

Communicating Requirements With User Stories 

Date: 30/04/2019 Author(s): Röthke, Claudia; Gregory, Robert Wayne Document type: Technical Note IIn agile software development, user stories are the preferred way to communicate, discuss and prioritize requirements. For product managers, this is a crucial skill to convey user, market and stakeholder demands to the development team. This technical note gives an overview of how to structure and write user stories effectively. More information

The 4 key pillars of intelligent connectivity 

Date: 25/02/2019 Author(s): Interviewee(s): Zamora, Javier; Editor(s): IESE Document type: Interview (Video) This year's MWC Barcelona will reflect the scope of digital transformation sweeping the globe. IESE Business School professor Javier Zamora explains the four pillars of intelligent connectivity, the theme of MWC 2019. More information

Las cuatro claves de la conectividad inteligente 

Date: 22/02/2019 Author(s): Zamora, Javier Document type: Opinion La elección de la conectividad inteligente como tema del Mobile World Congress de este año (MWC19), que se celebra del 25 al 28 de febrero en Barcelona, ilustra hasta qué punto la transformación digital se extiende por el mundo. Es, además, un término que engloba ideas como la conectividad, la IA, la industria 4.0, los contenidos inmersivos, la innovación ... More information

Agile Methodologies and Organizational Agility 

Date: 19/02/2019 Author(s): Gregory, Robert Wayne; Röthke, Claudia Document type: Technical Note Organizations are experiencing a profound shift in the way they need to deliver value to customers. The contexts and conditions under which value offerings are developed and delivered today has changed dramatically over the last one to two decades, where digital technology has converged with traditional products and has become embedded into customers' ... More information

Hypothesis-Driven Experimentation 

Date: 18/02/2019 Author(s): Röthke, Claudia; Gregory, Robert Wayne; Káganer, Evgeny Document type: Technical Note When addressing customer needs through new offerings, it is essential to carry out hypothesis-driven experimentation and develop the kind of products that consumers really want. Often what you think customers want diverges substantially from what customers actually want. This technical note introduces and explains the essentials of hypothesis-driven ... More information

MWC19: The Four Keys To Intelligent Connectivity 

Date: 15/02/2019 Author(s): Zamora, Javier Document type: Opinion The scope of digital transformation sweeping across the globe is reflected in this year’s MWC19 Barcelona (formerly Mobile World Congress) theme of Intelligent Connectivity – a term covering a range of topics such as Connectivity, AI, Industry 4.0, Immersive Content, Disruptive Innovation, Digital Wellness, Digital Trust and The Future. ... More information

¿Se puede resucitar a un difunto? 

Date: 24/01/2019 Author(s): Valor Sabatier, Josep Document type: Opinion La mayoría, si no todos los negocios en el mundo requieren certificaciones o licencias para operar: desde los hospitales a los bares, o de las aerolíneas a los cines. No es posible establecerse y prestar un servicio por el que esperamos cobrar sin los correspondientes permisos. More information

Qualitative Customer Research 

Date: 18/01/2019 Author(s): Röthke, Claudia; Gregory, Robert Wayne Document type: Technical Note In order to create products and services that are successful in the market, it is crucial for companies and start-ups to develop empathy and understanding for their (potential) customers' needs, contexts and expectations. This technical note aims to point out the significance and motivation of qualitative research and provides guidance in the iterative ... More information

The Cybersecurity Challenge in a High Digital Density World 

Date: 01/2019 Author(s): Sieber, Sandra; Zamora, Javier Document type: Non-refereed article In this article the authors present a framework to help managers to implement a structured approach to manage cybersecurity in the context of a digital transformation process. Businesses should start with addressing cybersecurity at the highest organisational level by including cybersecurity in business strategy, using secure-by-design principles, ... More information
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