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Share Now: ¿cómo crecer de forma rentable? 

Date: 11/06/2019 Author(s): Moscoso, Philip; Soto, Manuel Editor(s): Cátedra Eurest de Excelencia en los Servicios Document type: Case El caso describe las recientes decisiones tomadas por la dirección de Share Now, la empresa líder en carsharing (resultante de la integración de car2go con Drive Now). Como parte de su plan estratégico para Madrid (España), la compañía ha decidido ampliar su zona de cobertura en 27 km2 y añadir 450 coches eléctricos a su flota. Además, se implementarán ... More information

How to Get Things Right 

Date: 31/05/2019 Author(s): Muñoz-Seca, Beatriz Document type: Book In How to Make Things Happen, we learnt that knowledge is the fundamental driver of service efficiency. In this new book, the author follows four very different companies in the finance, gas and tourism sectors as they implement the Service Problem Driven Management Model (SPDM) to improve their operations. With real examples and plenty of ... More information Read related article

The Economic Impact of Bike Sharing in European Cities 

Date: 10/05/2019 Author(s): Martínez, Sergi; Tapia, Albert; Bernardo, Valeria; Rodríguez Planas, Miquel; Ricart, Joan Enric Editor(s): PPSRC - Public-Private Sector Research Center Document type: Study and Monograph The aim of the document is to analyze the economic impact of bike sharing in 13 European cities. There is a historical overview of the various solutions proposed up to now, before the document deals with their effects on the economy, health, environment and transport of the 13 cities. To that end, the authors have relied on the input-output method ... More information Read related article

Supply Base Design for the Procurement of Multiple Items 

Date: 13/04/2019 Author(s): Martínez de Albéniz, Victor; Wang, Jiao Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Sourcing new products in advance entails significant risks for a buyer. To reduce the possibility of bringing a mediocre item to the market, buyers can build a large supply base and pick the best available products after uncertainties have materialized. Designing such a supply base is a challenging task: the buyer needs to decide how many suppliers ... More information

Oversight and Efficiency in Public Projects: A Regression Discontinuity Analysis 

Date: 04/2019 Author(s): Calvo, Eduard; Cui, Ruomeng; Serpa, Juan Camilo Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) In the U.S., four in ten public infrastructure projects report delays or cost overruns. To tackle this problem, regulators often scrutinize the project contractor's operations. We investigate the causal effect of government oversight on project efficiency by gleaning 262,857 projects that span seventy-one U.S. federal agencies and 54,739 contractors. ... More information

DJ World Conference 

Date: 21/03/2019 Author(s): de Santiago, Rafael Document type: Case Tokyo Music School (TOMS) has prepared some of the best disc jockeys (DJs) in the world for almost two decades. At the beginning of 2019, the school decided to organize an event that would bring together recent alumni with a selection of world-renowned DJs. The long-term vision was to make this event grow into a global DJ convention. A number of world-famous ... More information

Working for a Healthy Society | 25th Healthcare IESE Industry Meeting 

Date: 13/03/2019 Author(s): Interviewee(s): Nueno, Pedro; Mas, Núria; Editor(s): IESE Document type: Report (Video) The Industry Meeting offers top executives in healthcare firms, healthcare professionals, academics and field experts a distinguished platform to share their experience and insight on the industry’s current situation and its future, and to continue the search for innovative ways to respond to the enormous challenges faced by the healthcare industry. ... More information

Back to the Future 

Date: 08/03/2019 Author(s): Document type: Report (Video) In this year's 33rd edition of our annual meeting of the automotive industry, IESE AUTO, we shed some light on these questions while also addressing the issues related to the Spanish, European and global markets. We continued our tradition of providing a premier platform for senior executives from the automotive industry, industry experts and leading ... More information

Artificial Pancreas Systems for People With Type 2 Diabetes: Conception and Design of the European CLOSE Project 

Date: 03/2019 Author(s): Schliess, Freimut; Heise, Tim; Rosenmöller, Magda; et al. Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) In the last 10 years tremendous progress has been made in the development of artificial pancreas (AP) systems for people with type 1 diabetes (T1D). The pan-European consortium CLOSE (Automated Glucose Control at Home for People with Chronic Disease) is aiming to develop integrated AP solutions (APplus) tailored to the needs of people with type 2 diabetes ... More information

Tractable Approximations for Assortment Planning with Product Costs 

Date: 03/2019 Author(s): Kunnumkal, Sumit; Martínez de Albéniz, Victor Editor(s): CIMS - Center for Innovation Marketing and Strategy Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Assortment planning under a logit demand model is a difficult problem when there are product-specific fixed costs. We develop a new continuous relaxation of the problem that is based on the parametrization of the problem on the total assortment attractiveness. This relaxation provides an upper bound on the optimal expected profit. We show that the ... More information
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