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General Management in Latin and Ibero American Organizations: A Humanistic Perspective 

Date: 25/07/2019 Author(s): Editor(s): Caldart, Adrian; Ricart, Joan Enric; Carrera, Alejandro Document type: Book This book provides an examination of the General Manager, which encompasses their roles as Strategist, Organizational Designer and Institutional Leader. Instead of exclusively focusing on economic aspect of General Management, this book explores the humanist perspective based on the conviction that maintaining high ethical standards is a pre-condition ... More information

Environmental Sensibility and Firm Strategic Actions: How to Become Sustainable While Avoiding Greenwashing 

Date: 25/07/2019 Author(s): Rosenberg, Mike; Berrone, Pascual; Rousseau, Horacio Enrique Document type: Chapter More information

Managing strategic alliances 

Date: 25/07/2019 Author(s): Ariño, Africa Document type: Chapter This chapter discusses some factors that CEOs need to take into account when creating and managing alliances. These factors relate to partner search and selection, alliance negotiation, contracts, governance and management bodies, and partner-relationship dynamics. Finally, this chapter presents factors to take into consideration when bringing an alliance ... More information

Costa Valente 

Date: 14/06/2019 Author(s): Gómez Pajares, Alberto; Urrutia, Josu; Palencia, Luis Document type: Case A businessman based in Barcelona and dedicated to the textile sector (selling T-shirts to sponsors) is presented with the opportunity to buy a small textile manufacturing company in Guimarães, Portugal. He has to decide whether to take on this project or not. The analysis that he carries out includes a study of the value chain and of the possibility ... More information

Non basta dire start-up, la sfida è creare valore e lavoro 

Date: 12/06/2019 Author(s): Valentini, Giovanni Document type: Opinion Periodicamente, l'imprenditorialità e la creazione di nuove imprese vengono riportate al centro del dibattito politico ed economico e indicate come la soluzione - o almeno come una delle principali soluzioni da sostenere - per la disoccupazione, la crescita e lo sviluppo economico del Paese. Ma è davvero così? Quando pensiamo ad un imprenditore, ... More information

Share Now: ¿cómo crecer de forma rentable? 

Date: 11/06/2019 Author(s): Moscoso, Philip; Soto, Manuel Editor(s): Cátedra Eurest de Excelencia en los Servicios Document type: Case El caso describe las recientes decisiones tomadas por la dirección de Share Now, la empresa líder en carsharing (resultante de la integración de car2go con Drive Now). Como parte de su plan estratégico para Madrid (España), la compañía ha decidido ampliar su zona de cobertura en 27 km2 y añadir 450 coches eléctricos a su flota. Además, se implementarán ... More information

Promoting Access to Clean Cooking Fuels in Subsaharian Africa Through Entrepreneurial Initiative: Challenges and Strategies. 

Date: 06/06/2019 Author(s): Leticia Pelizan; Giordano, Paola; Lickteig, Lena; Rahnema Alavi, Ahmad Editor(s): Cátedra Fuel Freedom de Energía y Desarrollo Social Document type: Occasional Paper Energy has become one of the biggest brakes on the development of sub-Saharan African countries. Despite the vast potential of the region, which contains significant energy resources, most of its population still lack access to electricity and modern cooking fuels such as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), ethanol or biogas and this slows down economic ... More information

The Rise of Socially Responsible Investment Funds: The Paradoxical Role of the Financial Logic 

Date: 06/2019 Author(s): Yan, S.; Ferraro, Fabrizio; Almandoz, John Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Socially responsible investing (SRI) is gaining traction in the financial sector, but it is unclear whether the dominant financial logic complements or competes with the social logic in the founding of SRI funds. Based on insights we gained from observation at an Asian SRI industry association, interviews with SRI professionals in the U.S. and Europe, ... More information Read related article

Kenya's Imperfect Fuel Market: Tackling Real Problems With Real Solutions 

Date: 23/05/2019 Author(s): Barcelona, Ricardo G.; Ronoh, Geoffrey; Tchórzewska, Kinga Barbara Document type: Working Paper The inefficiency of Kenya’s fuel market, and its consequences are obvious. What are not obvious are the bases of the diagnoses of the problems, or the market niches and the feasible profitable approaches that these may create. Any examination based on Kenya’s desire for energy self-sufficiency and supply autarky will lead to blind alleys, given the ... More information

Adrián Caldart: "Formação deve permitir ao executivo abrir a mente a novas perspetivas" 

Date: 18/05/2019 Author(s): Jornal Económico Interviewee(s): Caldart, Adrian Document type: Interview O professor da portuguesa AESE e da espanhola IESE, primeira escola do mundo em formação costumizada, defende maior proximidade das escolas de negócios à realidade empresarial como trampolim para a inovação. More information
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