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El reto del ‘brexit’ o cómo gestionar la incertidumbre 

Date: 15/03/2019 Author(s): Document type: Report (Video) ¿Cómo deben actuar las empresas ante la enorme incertidumbre que rodea al ‘brexit’? Para empezar, deberían cuantificar los riesgos, prestar más ... More information

Dealing with Brexit. Or how to manage uncertainty. 

Date: 15/03/2019 Author(s): Document type: Report (Video) Amid the enormous uncertainty of Brexit, how can companies manage? To begin with, quantify your risks, pay more attention to geopolitics and seek out alternative markets. Check out these insights and more from IESE Business School professors. More information

ILUNION: el crecimiento corporativo sostenible y responsable 

Date: 04/03/2019 Author(s): Tàpies, Josep; Martín, Miguel Document type: Case Este caso permite identificar las tres cuestiones clave que debe plantear la estrategia corporativa: ¿cómo se crea valor económico a través de la actividad multimercado? ¿Cómo debe estructurar y coordinarse la empresa para sacar provecho a esta actividad? ¿Y por qué deben emprenderse esas actividades dentro de la empresa, en vez de hacerlo a través ... More information

Las nuevas alianzas de Telefónica 

Date: 02/03/2019 Author(s): Ariño, Africa; Oprescu, Andreea Editor(s): Cátedra Joaquim Molins Figueras de Alianzas Estratégicas Document type: Opinion Esta semana, en el MWC 2019 en Barcelona, Telefónica ha anunciado la creación de una alianza con Microsoft. Telefónica espera que, gracias a la integración de tecnologías inteligentes, esta asociación mejore tanto la experiencia para el cliente como los procesos internos de negocio. More information

Amazon and 

Date: 19/02/2019 Author(s): Jané, Joan; Sabrià, Frederic Document type: Case Going on Amazon usually acts as a real spur for any firm's business, since sales tend to shoot up. But it is also true that it involves downsides that cannot be overlooked. Amazon, the undisputed leader in online sales of all kinds of products, has become a unique platform for the positioning and sales development of thousands of companies-especially ... More information Read related article

DHL Global Connectedness Index 2018 

Date: 12/02/2019 Author(s): Altman, Steven; Ghemawat, Pankaj; Bastian, Phillip Editor(s): Cátedra Anselmo Rubiralta de Estrategia y Globalización Document type: Study and Monograph This report presents the first comprehensive assessment of how globalization--measured based on trade, capital, information, and people flows--has developed since the Brexit referendum in the United Kingdom and the election of President Donald Trump in the United States. Contrary to predictions that globalization would collapse in response to a wave ... More information Read related article

The State of Globalization in 2019, and What It Means for Strategists 

Date: 06/02/2019 Author(s): Ghemawat, Pankaj; Altman, Steven Document type: Opinion Globalization, since the Brexit and Trump shocks of 2016, has been shaped by a tug of war between economic fundamentals and policy threats. But predictions that globalization would collapse under a wave of economic nationalism have proven no more accurate than proclamations of a flat world that dominated the global business discourse a decade ago. ... More information

Five myths about globalization 

Date: 25/01/2019 Author(s): Altman, Steven Document type: Opinion While world leaders converged on Davos, Switzerland, this past week to discuss "Globalization 4.0" at the World Economic Forum, President Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May stayed home to deal with globalization-related crises: a government shutdown over Trump's demand for a border wall and Parliament's rejection of May's Brexit deal. Meanwhile, ... More information

Exploring the Affective Underpinnings of Dynamic Managerial Capabilities: How Managers' Emotion Regulation Behaviors Mobilize Resources for their Firms 

Date: 01/2019 Author(s): Huy, Quy; Zott, Christoph Editor(s): CIMS - Center for Innovation Marketing and Strategy Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Our inductive field study identifies specific emotion regulation (ER) actions as affective underpinnings of dynamic managerial capabilities. ER refers to the management and modification of one's own and other people's emotions for a specific purpose. Our study shows how differences in managers' attention to ER influence the extent to which they can ... More information

Managing strategic alliances 

Date: 01/2019 Author(s): Ariño, Africa Document type: Chapter This chapter discusses some factors that CEOs need to take into account when creating and managing alliances. These factors relate to partner search and selection, alliance negotiation, contracts, governance and management bodies, and partner-relationship dynamics. Finally, this chapter presents factors to take into consideration when bringing an alliance ... More information
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