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Managing strategic alliances 

Date: 01/2019 Author(s): Ariño, Africa Document type: Chapter This chapter discusses some factors that CEOs need to take into account when creating and managing alliances. These factors relate to partner search and selection, alliance negotiation, contracts, governance and management bodies, and partner-relationship dynamics. Finally, this chapter presents factors to take into consideration when bringing an alliance ... More information

An Exploratory Analysis Using Co-Authorship Network: Trends in Risk Behavior 

Date: 01/2019 Author(s): Canela, Miguel Ángel; Guçlu, Burçin; Alegre, Inés Document type: Chapter Social network analysis has been widely used by organizational behavior researchers to stress the importance of the context, social connections, and social structure on human behavior. In the last decade, social network analysis has emerged as one of the most useful techniques for exploring online social networks, world wide web, e-mail traffic, and ... More information

¡Consiguiendo realidades! 

Date: 07/12/2018 Author(s): Muñoz-Seca, Beatriz Document type: Book Lograr que suceda lo que se ha ideado para la empresa es el reto al que empresarios y directivos se enfrentan cada día. Descubra en este libro cómo el rojo pasión, los cerebros de obra y el conocimiento pueden lograr que suceda, aportándole un esquema para lograr autonomía y proactividad, así como las herramientas necesarias para configurar las ... More information

A Hybrid Corporate Community Involvement in an Impoverished Neighborhood 

Date: 01/12/2018 Author(s): Melé, Domènec; Moreno Salamanca, Alejandro; Parra, Juan Manuel Editor(s): Cátedra de Ética Empresarial y de los Negocios Document type: Most Corporate Community Involvement (CCI) literature focuses on philanthropy under different forms, sometimes oriented to poverty alleviation. Here we present a case study on a project of Empresa Pública de Medellín, a public services supplier company (water, sewers, gas, electricity and communication), in partnership with neighborhood communities. ... More information

Crowd lending: A global phenomenon arrives to Sub-Saharan Africa 

Date: 12/2018 Author(s): N'Guessan, M. N.; Alegre, Inés; Berbegal Miraben, Jasmina; Mas-Machuca, Marta Document type: Chapter Thanks to globalization, crowdfunding in general has become a relevant mean through which small business owners and entrepreneurs in developing countries can raise the capital needed to start and expand their businesses. In this context, attention should be paid to crowdlending, the online loan-based crowdfunding phenomenon and a very promising and ... More information


Date: 10/10/2018 Author(s): Reiche, Sebastian; Harzing, Anne-Wil Document type: Chapter International human resource management (IHRM) is a rapidly changing area of specialist and generalist practice. It is also a lively and growing academic subject having links with many different disciplines including economics, international business, strategy, communications, political science and public policy. More information

International Assignments 

Date: 10/10/2018 Author(s): Reiche, Sebastian; Harzing, Anne-Wil Document type: Chapter The chapter reviews the various staffing options in MNCs in general and then discusses different corporate motives for using international transfers as well as the different forms of international assignments available to MNCs. It also gives a detailed overview of the assignment process and presents a set of criteria for assessing assignment success. ... More information

International Human Resource Management 

Date: 10/10/2018 Author(s): Editor(s): Reiche, Sebastian; Harzing, Anne-Wil; Tenzer, Helene Document type: Book Used by over 25,000 students across 130 countries, this bestselling text, written by leading international experts in each topic, retains its critical edge, academic rigour and breadth of coverage in the new fifth edition. The new edition reflects the contemporary debates and emerging issues in the field of IHRM, supplementing classic theories and ... More information

Internationalization, Innovation, and Productivity 

Date: 09/2018 Author(s): Cassiman, Bruno; Golovko, Elena Document type: Chapter International economics research has emphasized the role of trade-imports and exports-as an important mechanism for technology flows and innovation across borders and a source of productivity growth both at the country and firm level. Empirical studies primarily have focused on understanding the relationship between exports and productivity at the ... More information

Christian Ethics 

Date: 01/09/2018 Author(s): Melé, Domènec Editor(s): Cátedra de Ética Empresarial y de los Negocios Document type: Chapter Christian Ethics is generally understood as a body of systematic knowledge to guide moral behavior based on the words and deeds of Jesus of Nazareth (Christ), who confirmed and extended the moral teachings of the Old Testament and, in continuity with Him, on the teachings of Apostles contained in the New Testament. For many, this ethics also includes ... More information
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