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Experiential Product Framing and Its Influence on the Creation of Consumer Reviews 

Date: 10/01/2019 Author(s): Gallo, Iñigo; Townsend, Claudia; Alegre, Inés Document type: We examine how experiential framing, an increasingly popular marketing tactic, influences consumer review behavior. Experiential framing is a communication strategy whereby marketers describe a material product as if it is an experience, something that the consumer lives through, rather than focusing on the product's functionalities and attributes. ... More information

A Review of "Economics for the Common Good" 

Date: 14/12/2018 Author(s): Argandoña, Antonio Document type: Occasional Paper The argument of Economics for the Common Good can be synthesized as follows: We act according to our interest, defined in turn by our preference function, which may be egotistic or altruistic. Our actions will have consequences for others; these consequences may be expected and accepted (for example, in a market exchange with perfect information, in ... More information

Sociedad y Parlamento 

Date: 03/12/2018 Author(s): Álvarez de Mon, Santiago; García-Lombardía, Pilar Editor(s): Cátedra José Felipe Bertrán de Gobierno y Liderazgo en la Administración Pública; CPLG - Center for Public Leadership and Government Document type: Working Paper La eficiencia de un parlamento depende de su capacidad para dar respuesta a las necesidades de los ciudadanos a los que sirve. Para ello, debe tener capacidad de adaptación a su entorno y flexibilidad, El estudio analiza los datos más relevantes de los parlamentarios españoles de la XII Legislatura con el fin de proporcionar una base estadistica que ... More information

Competitive Escalation and Interventions 

Date: 12/2018 Author(s): Hafenbrädl, Sebastian; Woike, Jan K. Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Competitive escalation occurs frequently in managerial environments, when decisions create sunk costs and decision makers compete under time pressure. In a series of experiments using a minimal dollar auction paradigm, we test interventions to prevent competitive escalation. Without any intervention, most people, including experienced managers, escalate ... More information Read related article

Actors, Structure, And Processes: A Review And Conceptualization Of Global Work Integrating IB And HRM Research 

Date: 21/11/2018 Author(s): Reiche, Sebastian; Lee, Yih-Teen; Allen, David Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) As organizations increasingly fulfill their customer needs by getting their work done globally, there is a pressing need for the scientific community to further advance knowledge on global work, especially in terms of how to better conceptualize and integrate it. A particular opportunity for such development involves the cross-fertilization between ... More information

A Communicative Perspective On The Trust-Control Link In Russia 

Date: 21/11/2018 Author(s): Outila, V.; Mihailova, I.; Reiche, Sebastian; Piekkari, R. Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) The question of whether trust complements or substitutes control continues to be debated in the literature. We contribute to this debate by adopting a communicative perspective on the trust-control link in Russia. Our qualitative study reveals dialectics in the trust-control link. Russian managers used various communicative activities to simultaneously ... More information

Relational Mobility And Cultural Differences In Analytic And Holistic Thinking 

Date: 20/11/2018 Author(s): San Martín, Álvaro; Schug, J.; Maddux, William W. Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) We hypothesized that individuals in cultures typified by lower levels of relational mobility would tend to show more attention to the surrounding social and physical context (i.e., holistic vs. analytic thinking) compared to individuals in higher mobility cultural contexts. Six studies provided support for this idea. Studies 1a and 1b showed that differences ... More information

A Trickle-Down Model of Task and Development I-Deals 

Date: 01/11/2018 Author(s): Rofcanin, Yasin; Las Heras, Mireia; Bal, Matthijs; Van der Heijden, Beatrice; Taser Erdogan, Didem Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) In today's competitive landscape, employees increasingly negotiate idiosyncratic deals (i-deals), referring to personalized work arrangements that address recipients' unique work needs and preferences (Rousseau et al., 2006). While i-deals unfold in a dyadic context between subordinates and their managers, the consequences of i-deals concern everyone ... More information Read related article

How Much Does Business Model Matter For Firm Performance? A Variance Decomposition Analysis 

Date: 30/10/2018 Author(s): Sohl, Timo; Vroom, Govert; Fitza, Markus Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Although an emerging literature has described the phenomenon of business model, little is known about how much business model matters in explaining heterogeneity in business performance. Our study explores this question with a variance decomposition analysis using panel data on 917 businesses in the European retail sector over a twelve-year period ... More information

Selecting The Governance Mode When Offshoring Knowledge-Intensive Activities 

Date: 22/10/2018 Author(s): Paz-Aparicio, C.; Muñoz-Bullón, Fernando; Sanchez-Bueno, Maria J.; Ricart, Joan Enric Editor(s): Cátedra Carl Schroeder de Dirección Estratégica Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) The offshoring phenomenon has evolved in recent years, and can be understood from a threefold perspective: first, the evolution in the type of activity being offshored; second, the learning curve involving both the companies implementing offshoring and service providers; and third, the reasons for offshoring. This study proposes an empirical framework ... More information
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