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  The music industry's catchy rhythm 

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The music industry was among the first to suffer the disruptive effects of digitalization -- which also made it one of the first to reinvent itself. After bottoming out in 2010, the industry has been growing at a healthy rhythm and doesn't look set to stop this decade. This will be music to the ears of those who are able to anticipate the changes ahead and adapt to the new soundscape.

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SOURCE: Based on the technical note The Music Industry in the 2020s (SMN-706-E) by IESE's Govert Vroom, Abhishek Deshmane and Isaac Sastre. Vroom and Sastre have also published a best-selling series of case studies on the music streamer Spotify. More info:
This article is based on:  The Big Picture: The music industry's catchy rhythm
Year:  2022
Language:  English