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How to Respond to a New Management Responsibility?

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When starting a new position, there will inevitably be a contrast between what we believed or assumed it was going to be like, what we were certain about and what we have to deal with in reality. While that change may be very beneficial, that clash or disconnect between expectations and objectivity must be addressed so that our arrival does not cause a shock or any worse consequences. When taking on a new role, it is common for us to ask ourselves things like: What do I do now? What are my options for advancing in the right direction? As we illustrate in this paper, there are several different factors to consider when charting the path to follow and deciding how to move forward. These include: developing a plan for learning the key things we did not know before and discarding the beliefs we held that proved to be false. It all boils down to challenging what we believe to be evident by comparing it with contradictory information. When coming from outside the organization, it is important to subject our prejudices to the reality of things; if coming from the inside, we need to look at whether what we bring with us is what will guide us going forward, or if we should renew and round out our repertoire of resources for action.
Bibliographic citation: Stein, Guido, "How to Respond to a New Management Responsibility?", IESE, DPON-129-E, 02/2016
Date: 09/02/2016
Author(s): Stein, Guido
Document type: Technical Note
Department: Managing People in Organizations
Languages: Spanish / English
Learning objective Use with cases that include discussion on succession, new positions, promotions, coaching or leading teams.