Químicas Bages

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In 2019, the sales manager of a medium-sized agricultural chemicals manufacturer has to decide whether to terminate the distribution contract with one of his long-term distributors and give it instead to a newcomer. There are objective reasons both for not keeping the old distributor and for changing to a new one. The case discussion should be structured around a balanced, objective analysis of all factors involved in the situation: strategic, social and ethical. Criteria to analyze the situation are strategic and economic, on the one hand, and ethical and social, on the other. Given the likelihood of legal action on the part of the old distributor, an action plan is also required. This case is based on the case Químicas de Reinosa from the same authors (ASN-24).
Bibliographic citation: Palencia, Luis; Rosenberg, Mike, "Químicas Bages", IESE, ASN-75-E, 10/2018
Date: 29/10/2018
Author(s): Palencia, Luis; Rosenberg, Mike
Document type: Case
Department: Analysis of Business Problems
Languages: Spanish / English
Year of the events: 1999
Geographic area: Spain

Learning objective ABP framework: problem definition, list of criteria, analysis, decision and action plan.