Service and Operations Management

Capacity Management in Operations Systems

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This technical note discusses how to analyze and manage the capacity of an operations system. The main reason for analyzing capacity is to find the answer to this question: what is the maximum amount of money an operations system can generate (via products or services)? The note presents a general methodology for capacity analysis, illustrated with a variety of examples, which present typical real-life complexities such as batch production, non-sequential production, production of mixed items, etc. Finally, as a supplement to the numerical capacity analysis, it outlines a methodology for supporting the capacity improvement process in an operations system.
Bibliographic citation: Lago, Alejandro; Moscoso, Philip; Sachon, Marc, "Capacity Management in Operations Systems", IESE, PN-464-E, 04/2010
Date: 20/04/2010
Author(s): Lago, Alejandro; Moscoso, Philip; Sachon, Marc
Document type: Technical Note
Editor(s): CIIL - Centro Internacional de Investigación Logística
Department: Production, Technology and Operations Management
Languages: Spanish / English