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Introduction to Martech

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Martech, also known as marketing technology, is a term used to refer to the set of software tools and other tech assets which organizations use to optimize the planning, implementation, and measurement of marketing campaigns and/or to efficiently manage their customers. This concept emerged from the shift in consumer behavior in the new digital age. Millennials and Gen-Z are hyperconnected consumers with an increasing purchasing power who shop in any situation on the go. The importance of real time in customer consumption journeys has risen due to the massive availability of data. Innovation is generating new ways of creating experiences and digital business models, designing digital products with a mobile-first mindset. Furthermore, consumers' expectations have increased in omnichannel journeys without barriers between the physical and digital worlds. This entire explosion of data and management complexity has led the majority of modern marketing departments to require new technologies in order to successfully compete. Therefore, the goal is to understand the importance of sales management associated with technology and data.
Bibliographic citation: FERRANDIZ, L., VILLANUEVA J., J., SÁNCHEZ, A., BALMASEDA, C. (2021). Introduction to Martech. IESE, MN-409-E.
Date: 01/03/2021
Author(s): Luis Ferrandiz; Julián Villanueva; Alberto Sánchez; Carmen Balmaseda
Document type: Technical Note
Department: Marketing
Languages: English