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The Boeing 737 MAX: People Before Profits?

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In March 2019, the second fatal crash of a Boeing 737 MAX, the renewed model of the best-selling aircraft in history, triggered an unprecedented corporate crisis for the American aeronautics giant. The case reviews Boeing's response and the reactions of various stakeholders (victims, customers, employees, regulators, the media), from the time of the accident until the company's decision to withdraw the model in November 2020.
Bibliographic citation: DE LA CIERVA, Y., VILLEGAS, C. (2021). The Boeing 737 MAX: People Before Profits? IESE, DPO-739-E.
Date: 01/03/2021
Author(s): Yago De la Cierva; Carolina Villegas
Document type: Case
Department: Managing People in Organizations
Languages: English / English
Year of the events: 2019-20
Geographic area: United States
Learning objective Class discussion can focus on the following points: - Good practices in crisis management; - Stakeholder management; - Interpersonal communication among senior management