Falling in love with the future

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One of the top experts in business strategy, Miquel Lladó shares with us his professional experience in signifcant executive roles in big, multinational companies. In this book the reader will discover Miquel Lladó’s work methodology, and, more importantly, the ideas that have contributed to him creating his own future and reaching high-ranking levels in business leadership. Rich in real-life cases, experienced _ rst-hand by the author –a deep connoisseur of the ins and outs of management in big companies– Lladó offers a truly organic and understandable summary. It enables the reader to become immersed in concepts worth mastering to fully understand the needs of a company and to achieve successful strategy implementation, even in a context such as the current covid-19 pandemic crisis. Indeed, an inspiring text for those current and future leaders eager to play in the big leagues.
Bibliographic citation: LLADÓ, M. (2021). Falling in love with the future. It's about writing it, not reading it. Barcelona: Plataforma Editorial.
Date: 01/03/2021
Author(s): Miquel Lladó
Document type: Book
Department: Strategic Management
Languages: English / Spanish