Barman: The Amazon Opportunity

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Barman was one of the four leading players in the spirits industry. Due to the pressure of sales and objectives, the commercial directors of some countries, such as the Netherlands, Belgium, or Germany, had decided to establish business relationships with the prominent e-commerce clients, among others, Amazon. The result was a boost in sales in the last two years. Spain, however, had not entered Amazon until then. In the last business review with the region, Spain's country manager raised the opportunity that had emerged for Iberia. He had promised Amazon an answer in 48 hours so as not to miss the opportunity.
Bibliographic citation: JAVIER PIJOAN,, VILLANUEVA J., J., CARMEN BALMASEDA (2021). Barman: The Amazon Opportunity. IESE, M-1383-E.
Date: 01/10/2021
Author(s): Javier Pijoan; Julián Villanueva; Carmen Balmaseda
Document type: Case
Department: Marketing
Languages: English
Year of the events: 2017
Geographic area: Spain
Learning objective Pricing and omnichannel strategy. Price strategy in international markets. Price management on platforms.