Garmin - Finding an Optimal Capital Structure

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The summer of 2019 was fast approaching and Douglas Boessen, Garmin's CFO, was adamant that he would not leave for vacation before dealing with the long-postponed review of the company's capital structure. Garmin did not have any long-term debt and Boessen thought that given the environment of low interest rates, the company would benefit from tapping the bond market. This case is designed to assess Garmin's capital structure and discuss whether the company should add debt to it.
Bibliographic citation: ESTRADA J., J. (2021). Garmin - Finding an Optimal Capital Structure. IESE, F-977-E.
Date: 01/11/2021
Author(s): Javier Estrada
Document type: Case
Department: Financial Management
Languages: English
Geographic area: Global
Learning objective Discussion of a company's optimal capital structure