Oakberry: The Gracia Store Decision

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In December 2019, just two days before his final MBA exams, Edison was contemplating if he should become a shareholder of an Oakberry franchise store in Barcelona. Oakberry was a one-product fast food chain specialized in healthy and natural drinks based on frozen açaí, a unique fruit from an Amazon palm tree. Three years after its launch in Brazil, the chain had more than 200 stores worldwide. He believed this entrepreneurial experience could be a great complement to the MBA he had just started in Barcelona and, at the same time, an occupation for his wife, Bruna, who had come with him. He wasn't sure, however, if this was the right moment to embark on an adventure like this one.
Bibliographic citation: SOLER, E., EDUARDO BORK ALVO (2022). Oakberry: The Gracia Store Decision. IESE, ASN-90-E.
Date: 01/01/2022
Author(s): Edi Soler; Eduardo Bork Alvo
Document type: Case
Department: Analysis of Business Problems
Languages: English
Year of the events: 2019
Geographic area: Spain
Learning objective The case describes the decision an MBA student had to make about whether to invest in an Oakberry franchise in Barcelona. It can be used in any degree program, both in decision analysis and entrepreneurship course. The objective of the session is to carry out the analysis of the decision through different criteria. From an economic point of view, it is necessary to determine the expected costs and sales, to see the return on the investment. However, from a more qualitative point of view, it is necessary to analyze many other criteria that go beyond the economic one, such as the family situation, the potential learning acquired, the operations of the store, the relationship with other shareholders, risks, etc.