Information Technologies

The Promotion Decision

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This is a choice to fill a director position in a company. What are the benefits of following the recommendation provided by the algorithm that favors one candidate versus following the preference of a manager who knows the other candidate very well and in fact has developed that candidate through coaching? Biases can be discussed and the merits of AI in hiring and promotion decisions.
Bibliographic citation: ALMANDOZ, J., SAMILA, S. (2022). The Promotion Decision. IESE, DPO-776-E.
Date: 01/06/2022
Author(s): John Almandoz; Sampsa Samila
Document type: Case
Department: Managing People in Organizations
Languages: English
Year of the events: 2019
Geographic area: United States
Learning objective What would you recommend Amanda to do if you were her coach? What questions would you ask her? Who in your opinion is the better candidate? What are the risks and benefits of going with either choice? Under what conditions would you recommend the candidate presented by the algorithm? Under what conditions would you recommend going with the better-known candidate? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - How to work with the algorithm? - Strengths & weaknesses of the human vs algorithm? - What is the optimal way to use it? - How to get greater adoption of algorithm use? - What kind of skills are needed to use the algorithm? - How to manage people who use algorithms? - What kind of skills are needed for a manager?