Accent Equity Partners and the San Sac Deal - Teaching Note

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It was April 2019, and Niklas Sloutski, Chief Executive Officer of Accent Equity Partners, a Stockholm-based private equity firm, had just returned from a meeting with the firm's partners. The meeting in which they reviewed the firm's investment portfolio brought discussions about the implications of pursuing a possible exit from the investment in the San Sac Group, a market-leading provider of waste sorting, containment and compaction products in Scandinavia and a leading manufacturer of compaction machines globally. The partners agreed to meet again next week and discuss San Sac in more detail. Niklas, who was member of the board of directors of San Sac, wanted to make sure that Accent was taking the correct next step to unlock the maximum value from this investment. Was now the right time for Accent to pursue the San Sac investment exit? If yes, which exit route should be taken?
Bibliographic citation: KOLAROVA, L., LIECHTENSTEIN H., H., GRABENWARTER U. (2022). Accent Equity Partners and the San Sac Deal - Teaching Note. IESE, FT-129-E.
Date: 01/06/2022
Author(s): Lenka Kolarova; Heinrich Liechtenstein; Grabenwarter U.
Document type: Teaching Note
Department: Financial Management
Languages: English
Year of the events: 2019
Geographic area: Sweden
Learning objective This case has been used in the second-year MBA course, The J-Curve Game: Looking at Private Equity Investments from the Professionals' Perspective (VCPE), at IESE Business School, with the main focus on investment exit for a private capital fund and with the aim of (a) introducing the students to the challenges faced by a private equity fund when evaluating the investment exit alternatives, (b) discussing the process and alternatives of an investment exit from General Partner's (GP) and Limited Partner's (LP) perspective.