Decision Analysis

Flying Across the Sea - Teaching Note

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This case showcases the growing importance of data-driven decision making. It describes the origin and evolution of the America's Cup, showing how Monte Carlo simulation became a standard feature in the competition, and how America's Cup has become a race of technology as much as of sailing. Students are asked to model the 37th America's Cup that will take place in 2024. They must model the entire competition, from beginning to end, and choose the yacht with the highest probability of winning.
Bibliographic citation: DE SANTIAGO, R. (2022). Flying Across the Sea - Teaching Note. IESE, ADT-43-E.
Date: 01/07/2022
Author(s): Rafael de Santiago
Document type: Teaching Note
Department: Managerial Decision Sciences
Languages: English
Geographic area: Global
Learning objective The case is meant to be used in a second year MBA decision analysis course, when students have already learned Monte Carlo simulation in another course. Given its complexity, it is recommended that a team works on the case, rather than individual students on their own. It may be used as a team assignment and, in this case, the class discussion can be conducted as a debriefing of the model they are asked to build.