Corporate Governance

The Corporate Strategy of Ebro Foods in 2021

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The case describes the development of Ebro Foods' corporate strategy throughout the 2000-2021 period. During these years the strategy pivoted from a purely domestic focus in the Spanish market, around the sugar and milk industries, towards an international focus with a strong presence in France and the US, built around the rice, pasta, and ready-made foods industry. Lastly, the case describes and analyzes the recent decision of selling off a significant part of the US business.
Bibliographic citation: , ISAAC SASTRE BOQUET, CALDART, A. (2022). The Corporate Strategy of Ebro Foods in 2021. IESE, SM-1734-E.
Date: 01/09/2022
Author(s): Isaac Sastre Boquet; Adrian Caldart
Document type: Case
Department: Strategic Management
Languages: English
Geographic area: Global
Learning objective The goal of the case is to analyze and reflect on the main issues affecting diversified companies - both product and geography-wise. In particular, the case enables discussion of the different principles that can guide decisions regarding portfolio and organization in a diversified company.