Corporate Governance

Data-Driven Index: IESE-Penteo Study

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Based on a survey of 256 executives from 161 Spanish companies conducted between the fourth quarter of 2021 and the first quarter of 2022, this study analyzes the degree to which Spanish companies are data-driven organizations and presents the results obtained. The analysis is carried out by employing a framework for measuring data use in relation to three models: the business model, the organizational model, and the infrastructure and governance mechanisms that comprise the data model.
Bibliographic citation: ZAMORA, J., VALOR SABATIER, J., RICART, J. E., INFANTE MIDDLETON, N., GUERRA CORTADA, T., PÉREZ TEJADA, J. L. (2022). Data-Driven Index: IESE-Penteo Study. Diagnosis of Digital Transformation in Data-Driven Organizations. IESE.
Date: 01/07/2022
Author(s): Javier Zamora; Josep Valor Sabatier; Joan Enric Ricart; Nicolás Infante Middleton; Toni Guerra Cortada; José Luis Pérez Tejada
Document type: Study and Monograph
Department: Operations, Information and Technology
Languages: English