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Three Trends That Will Change How You Manage
Fecha: 16/12/2014
Autor / es: Ferraro, Fabrizio; Cassiman, Bruno
Tipo de documento: Non-refereed article
Colaborador / es: Cátedra Nissan de Estrategia Corporativa y Competitividad Internacional
Áreas: Strategy; Innovation and Change; Leadership and People Management
Idiomas: Spanish / English
Empresa/s: Amazon, Spotify, Amazon Prime Instant Video, Vudu, Netflix, Tata Consulting Services, General Electric, Rocket Internet, Zappos, Zalando, Google, Walt Disney International, Facebook, Unilever, Lifebuoy, Linux, Apache, MySQL, Android, Apple, Dow Chemical, The Nature Conservancy, P-Tech, IBM, Burberry
Cita bibliográfica: Ferraro, Fabrizio; Cassiman, Bruno, "Three Trends That Will Change How You Manage: Globalization, Digitization and Politicization", IESE Insight, No. 23, Fourth Quarter 2014, pp 23 - 30
Referencia: 10.15581/002.ART-2640 (DOI)

Building on research in the field of strategic management, this article develops a framework to think about three emerging challenges: Globalization, Digitization and Politicization. How can corporate leaders confront this 21st century brand of "GDP"? CEOs will have to change how they allocate resources by becoming Arbitrageurs; adopt the mind-set of strategic Experimenters; and become Orchestrators of Hybrid Organizations, harnessing diversity and ambiguity as a source of competitive advantage. Above all, they will need to get comfortable with blending different logics and thinking afresh about how they create, capture and sustain value.

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