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Selling Experiences to Connect With Consumers
Fecha: 16/03/2017
Autor / es: Gallo, Iñigo; Townsend, Claudia
Tipo de documento: Non-refereed article
Áreas: Marketing
Idiomas: Spanish / English
Cita bibliográfica: Gallo, Iñigo; Townsend, Claudia, "Selling Experiences to Connect With Consumers: Experiential Advertising", IESE Insight, No. 32, First Quarter 2017, pp 23 - 30
Referencia: 10.15581/002.ART-2981 (DOI)

The Experience Economy is pervasive. Consumers are diverting more of their disposable income to engaging in experiences. And even material purchases are increasingly being positioned as experiential. This article presents the findings of the authors' research into the marketing of experiences. Selling products through the allure of experiences can yield enormous benefits, such as increasing the "talkability" of the product -- highly relevant in today's social media age. Yet there are limits to doing so. Marketers aiming to position their material brands as experiences need to understand the dynamics at play in order to be successful.

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