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The agenda of the chief executive officer
Fecha: 25/06/2019
Autor / es: Caldart, Adrian; Carrera, Alejandro; Cornejo, Magdalena
Tipo de documento: Chapter
Áreas: Corporate Governance; Strategy; Leadership and People Management
Idiomas: English
Cita bibliogr√°fica: Caldart, Adrian; Carrera, Alejandro; Cornejo, Magdalena, "The agenda of the chief executive officer". In: Caldart, A., Ricart, J.E. and Carrera, A. (Eds). General Management in Latin and Ibero American Organizations: A Humanistic Perspective. London: Routledge, 2019.

The work of the GM is arguably the most important of all of those developed within an organization. The actions of the GM will likely have the highest impact on the rest of the corporate structure: on an individual level, with regard to members? specific roles, and on a corporate level, since they shape the social environment in which people spend a significant portion of their lives. From another perspective, it can be argued that the prosperity of a country strongly depends on the quality of the people running its main business firms.

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