IESE Insight
IESE Insight. Issue 11. Fourth Quarter 2011
Fecha: 15/12/2011
Autor / es: IESE Insight
Tipo de documento: Review
Áreas: Information Technologies; Economics; Service and Operations Management; Strategy; Innovation and Change; Entrepreneurship; Leadership and People Management
Idiomas: Spanish / English
Área geográfica: Brazil; China; Japan
Cita bibliográfica: IESE Insight, "IESE Insight. Issue 11. Fourth Quarter 2011: Choosing a Better Path"
Referencia: 2013-3901 (e-ISSN)

Douglas T. Hall and Elana R. Feldman (Boston University) encourage companies to help employees pursue their dreams and find meaning in their personal and professional lives. IESE’s Mireia las Heras describes four ways in which companies can drive personal and professional development, based on flexibility, development-oriented relationships, visibility and transparency, and diversity management. Ton Wilthagen (Tilburg University) explains the creative approach to employment known as flexicurity, highlighting areas that reap immediate benefits and unleash powerful societal effects. Jeffrey Sonnenfeld (Yale) shares key strategies to regain control and rediscover a new heroic mission when suffering a setback. IESE’s Paddy Miller and Azra Brankovic seek to define an innovation culture and the role of a Chief Innovation Officer in creating this culture. Kimio Kase (IESE), Alesia Slocum (Saint Louis University) and Yingying Zhang (CUNEF) identify two different approaches to thinking and acting, based on Eastern vs. Western philosophies, which can be used to broaden and deepen a manager’s toolbox. Venture capitalist Kathy Xu says understanding the fast-rising middle class is key to building brand leaders in China. Three executives discuss how customer relationships change, as the Brazilian retailer Magazine Luiza considers the role of e-commerce in the post-IPO growth strategy. And the transatlantic oncologist Dr. Josep Baselga offers his prescription for individuals, companies and society to deal with cancer, which will likely touch everyone at some point in their lives.

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