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Business trends for 2019

Which advancements, disruptions and events will shape the business world in 2019? IESE professors predict the mainstreaming of blockchain, the year of Brexit and the age of assistance, among others.

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Corral, Jerónimo; Rodríguez-Lluesma, Carlos
Digitalization is changing products, work processes, services and business models. It's also leading companies to reconsider their people management policies to keep up with cultural shifts, as Carlos Rodríguez-Lluesma and Jerónimo Corral explain.
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Reutskaja, Elena; Lindner, A.; Nagel, R.; Andersen, R.A.; Camerer, C.F.
Choice is good, but having too many options can be paralyzing. Using MRI machines, researchers can actually see a point at which having too many alternatives starts overwhelming our brains. The ideal number of options may be fewer than marketers think.
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Accounting and Control
The supervision of listed companies: better out in the open?
Duro, Miguel; Heese, Jonas; Ormazábal, Gaizka
Search fund model takes root in Europe and Latin America
Kolarova, Lenka; Dávila, Antonio; Johnson, Rob; Kelly, Peter
Decision Analysis
Probability or Price? Form Matters When it Comes to Risk
Müller-Trede, Johannes; Sher, Shlomi; McKenzie, Craig R. M.