Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

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  Triple motivation: three keys to authentic success

Gabriel Ginebra What drives you to work hard every day: Money? Personal fulfillment? Or the chance to make the world a better place? For IESE's late dean Juan Antonio Perez Lopez, the authentic answer is all three. Read article

  Sustainable tourism, a tool for cultural understanding and peace

Javier Pardo Torregrosa; Joan Fontrodona The pandemic prompted a precipitous drop in tourism around the globe. As people begin to travel again, sustainability principles can lead to a healthier industry. The goal is to spur economic, environmental and sociocultural improvements -- and even foment peace. Read article

  ESG investing to the rescue?

S. Yan; John Almandoz; Fabrizio Ferraro Our planet needs saving. Can green investing help? Or is it merely diverting our attention from public leadership failures at a critical time? New research analyzes this financial-meets-environmental practice in 20 countries to better understand where and how it works. Read article

  The power of purpose to reconnect: what our divided society needs now

John Almandoz Climate change, growing inequality and now war. For society's greatest challenges, the teachings of the late Juan Antonio Perez Lopez (1934-1996) have a lot to offer. John Almandoz explains the particular relevance of Perez Lopez's ideas today. Read article

  Don't quit your day job: URBN's Julie Verdugo on changing business from within

To effect social change, you don't have to leave the corporate world and work for an NGO. As Julie Verdugo discovered, sometimes the biggest changes come from within. Read article

  Six ways technology is changing HR

Philip Muller; Joan Fontrodona The pandemic has accelerated the application of new technologies to managing workforces, as human resources departments prepare us for the future of work. Here are six technology-based trends transforming HR management for Industry 4.0, dubbed HR 4.0. Read article

  Mend your supply chain to prevent a brand disaster

Anna Saez de Tejada Cuenca, Felipe Caro, Leonard Lane Would you know if your suppliers were using unauthorized subcontractors? Research from the fashion industry reveals some key predictors of the practice. Knowing these can help you sew up your supply chain's loose ends. Read article

  Culture wars: Take a stand or sit them out?

Yago de la Cierva Before you stake a position and your reputation on a controversial issue, make sure you know where your company stands. Follow this advice for choosing your words and your battles carefully. Read article

  In search of the common good

Michael J. Sandel In a polarized world with rising inequality, might it be time for us to rethink what it means to be a productive citizen and bring dignity back to work? Read article

  Suntory CEO Tak Niinami: "Harmony with people and nature is in our DNA"

IESE Insight The chief executive of one of the world's leading consumer products and beverage companies explains his business philosophy in this interview. He also shares his views on partnering with competitors for sustainability's sake. Read article
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