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  Energy Mergers: How They Affect Industry Competition

Federico, Giulio The 2009 merger between Gas Natural and Union Fenosa resulted in the largest integrated gas and electricity firm in Spain and one of the 10 biggest in Europe. But what are the implications behind such merger acquisitions for competition in the energy sector? A new paper by Giulio Federico surveys the recent practice of merger control in the European and Spanish energy sectors and explores their potential impact on consumers. Read article

  The High Price of Loyalty Discounts

Federico, Giulio Loyalty discounts: good or evil? If you’re a company reaping the benefits, you probably see them as good. But if you’re a competitor being shut out of the market, or if you’re a consumer being harmed by such strategies, you probably view things differently. The European Commission’s Guidance Paper on exclusionary abuse outlines some of the hazards but, as IESE’s Giulio Federico reveals, there is ample room for improvement when it comes to assessing loyalty discounts. Read article

  Refining Gas and Electricity Markets in Spain

Federico, Giulio The Spanish gas and electricity sectors have undergone various regulatory and market upheavals since 2008. The result has been distorted competition in the country's energy markets. A new IESE report on the sector examines the strategies developed, and outlines the most pressing challenges facing electricity and gas companies. Read article

  How the E.U. Energy Mix Must Change

Federico, Giulio; Vives, Xavier Europe’s 20-20-20 plan to reduce emissions by 20 percent and raise energy efficiency and use of renewables by the same proportion, all by 2020, poses real short-term challenges. Giulio Federico and Xavier Vives suggest that gas may aid the transition, but warn against becoming overly reliant on Russia, on the way to a greener, more sustainable future. Read article

  Recommendations for a More Effective Energy Market

Vives, Xavier; Federico, Giulio; Fabra, Natalia Since the liberalization of the energy sector in 1990, just 5 percent of Spaniards have switched to another electric company. In this report, Xavier Vives and Giulio Federico of IESE, along with Natalia Fabra of Universidad Carlos III, investigate the causes of this situation as well as the keys to invigorating the sector.
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