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  Health and (h)appiness: in search of the right business model

Antoja, Gabriel; Ribera, Jaume; Mur, Javier Mobile health (mHealth) apps are experiencing double-digit annual growth rates, according to some studies. Yet many initiatives fail to find the right formula to stay afloat, says a report led by Jaume Ribera. Read article

  10 Ideas to Optimize the Public Procurement of Medicine

Mur, Javier; Escudero, Antonio; Ribera, Jaume Sustainable public healthcare requires innovative solutions that allow for fast and fair access to medicine. A report from IESE aims to guide healthcare professionals to choose the best model for each situation. Read article

  Keys to Improving the Management of a Chronic Disease

Mur, Javier; Cohen, Jordi Creating specialized units and addressing social and emotional needs: these are two keys to improving the treatment of patients suffering from inflammatory bowel disease. The KOAN Project offers some guidelines for developing a patient-focused model to manage the chronic condition, which affects some 150,000 people and costs 500 million euros a year in Spain alone. Read article
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