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  All Eyes on Germany: Lessons from the Default Leader

Argandoña, Antonio; Ribera, Jaume; Gómez, Sandalio; Ricart, Joan Enric; Llopis, Jaume; Reiche, Sebastian; Campa, José Manuel Europe's beleaguered economies may have mixed feelings about Angela Merkel's third electoral victory, but there's no denying that Germany, as the Continent's largest economy, has become the E.U. standard-bearer whose role and influence, like it or not, cannot be ignored. Can the German experience offer direction for European economies still struggling to steer a sustainable course out of the crisis? Read article

  The Orphanage: Can Cinematic Success Be Systematized?

Ribera, Jaume; Sieber, Sandra Spain’s film industry has struggled for years to hold its own against the powerful tide of American fare. Yet, in 2007, it was a modest Spanish horror film, The Orphanage, which became the year’s biggest box office hit, beating even the Hollywood blockbusters. What were the keys to its success? Read article

  Crisis Communication: It

Ribera, Jaume Every organization with responsibilities to stakeholders must have a risk management plan. But just having a plan is not enough. Even the most well managed crisis can have seriously damaging after-effects. To minimize the damage, communication is key. In the technical note "Risk Management: Communication in Times of Crisis," IESE Professor Jaume Ribera and Lecturer Magdalena Rosenmöller explain how to tackle the challenges involved in communicating a crisis. Read article

  In Search of Industrial Paradise

Blasi, Alexandre; Grasas, Alex; Ribera, Jaume There is no such thing as the perfect location for a manufacturing plant. In recent years, however, industry has become more global, and intangibles have come to play a more important role in plant location decisions. Yet intangibles are difficult to translate into numbers in an income statement. In the technical note "Decisiones sobre inversión y localización de plantas" ("Investment and Plant Location Decisions"), Àlex Grasas, Research Assistant at IESE, Dr. Alexandre Blasi, and Prof. Jaume Ribera of IESE review the aspects managers should consider when deciding to invest in a new plant, and point out a number of unquantifiable factors that need to be taken into account. Because they are no less real for being intangible. Read article

  Project Management: How and When to Use Buffers

Ribera, Jaume; Grasas, Alex Project managers' main concern can be summed up as how to complete a job in the shortest time possible, within budget, and without compromising quality or specifications. Successful project completion requires careful management of scarce resources, using contingency buffers. In their paper "Putting the Core Elements of Critical Chain Project Management into Perspective: A General Framework for Buffer Management," based o­n empirical evidence from a survey, IESE Professors Jaume Ribera and Marc Sachon and Research Associate Àlex Grasas review the points to be considered when assigning these additional resources. Read article

  What´s in a Queue?

Grasas, Alex; Ribera, Jaume Remember the last time when you were in a queue? At the traffic light? In the supermarket? At the doctor's? Queuing occurs in many contexts in manufacturing and service environments. But why and how? And what can managers do about it? In their technical note "Queing" Research Assistant Alex Grasas and Professor Jaume Ribera of IESE study situations in which there is sufficient capacity to cover the process demands, yet queues build up due to variations in the arrival rate or in service times. Besides the quantitative analysis, the authors also offer some tips o­n queue management.
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  Aiming for the Stars: An Upstart in the Aerospace Industry

Ribera, Jaume You´ve heard of the paperless office. Here´s introducing the factoryless manufacturing company: the "virtual factory". Andalucía Aeroespacial has no manufacturing facilities of its own, only those of its shareholders, a group of small engineering companies that have grown up in Andalusia around CASA, the leading company in the Spanish aeronautical sector. Professor Jaume Ribera of IESE and MBA student María Lluch invite you to discover how, from such small beginnings, Andalucía Aeroespacial has succeeded in acquiring the necessary critical mass to win substantial contracts in the global aerospace industry. Read article
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