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  COVID-19 crisis to alter banks' business models

Carletti, E.; Claessens, Stijn; Fatás, Antonio; Vives, Xavier Looking ahead, the banking sector is likely to need a deep restructuring, according to Xavier Vives and coauthors of The Bank Business Model in the Post-COVID-19 World, the second report in the IESE-CEPR series on the future of banking. Read article

  Roadmap for reviving the Spanish economy after the pandemic

Barceló, Simón Pedro; Corona, J.F.; Puig, Marc; Argandoña, Antonio; Canals, Jordi; Díaz Giménez, Javier; Heukamp, Franz; Mas, Núria; Nueno, Pedro; Pastor, Alfredo; Toribio, Juan José; Videla, Pedro; Vives, Xavier Trust, collaboration and an international perspective are three key concepts for the recovery, according to a report prepared by IESE and the Institute of Family Business that analyzes how to maintain employment, preserve the productive framework and support viable companies. Read article

  How large is the disruption in banking?

Vives, Xavier Profitability concerns, fintech growth and the potential reach of Big Tech are reshaping banking. The case of China, where Alibaba's Ant Financial is permeating almost every aspect of consumers' lives, exemplifies this digital disruption. Read article

  Is our banking system sound at last?

Bolton, Patrick; Cecchetti, Stephen; Danthine, Jean-Pierre; Vives, Xavier A new report assesses the achievements and outstanding business of a decade of financial regulation. IESE's Xavier Vives and co-authors look at the past to better prepare for the future of banking. Read article

  Mixed Signals for Spanish Reforms

Vives, Xavier; Xifré, Ramon Political uncertainty is taking a toll on Spain's post-crisis reform agenda, which has been helping to modernize its economy. Experts consulted for the sixth edition of the Spanish Reforms Monitor shine a light on key economic policies, improvements and nagging doubts. Read article

  Traders' Short-termism: It Doesn't Have to Spell Disaster

Cespa, Giovanni; Vives, Xavier Does short-termism breed informational inefficiency in financial markets? Not necessarily, research by Xavier Vives and Giovanni Cespa shows. Read article

  Balancing the Trade-Offs Between Competition and Stability: Private Banks & Public Policy Premium

Vives, Xavier Does too much competition in banking hurt society? What policies can best protect and stabilize banking without stifling it? This article addresses the critical relationships between competition, regulation and stability, and the implications of coordinating banking regulations with competition policies. Read article

  Reconciling Competition and Regulation in Banking

Vives, Xavier As the banking industry reels amid uncertainty -- threatened by fintech competitors, potentially heavy-handed regulators, Brexit and more -- the latest book by Xavier Vives looks for ways to provide both stability and growth. In Competition and Stability in Banking, the author argues that the best path forward is carefully coordinated regulation and competition policy. Read article

  Brexit Blues: Assessing the Fallout

Díaz Giménez, Javier; Mas, Núria; Pastor, Alfredo; Rosenberg, Mike; Videla, Pedro; Leggett, Brian O'Connor; Vives, Xavier; Reiche, Sebastian Is Brexit as bad as the markets' moves seem to suggest? Who will be most affected? What might the future relationship between the EU and the U.K. look like? Here we share economists' views on what is happening and what happens next. Read article

  Which Reforms Are Most Urgent for Spain's New Government?

Vives, Xavier; Xifré, Ramon What is going on with Spain's labor market, welfare state, and other areas of policy reform? The fifth release of the Spanish Reform Monitor takes the pulse of Spain and finds that economic recovery continues, but the lack of government is putting many reforms at risk. Experts point their fingers at two key policy areas. Read article
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