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Service and Operations Management

Ebola: managing to save lives Premium

IESE Insight Two experts on Ebola, Peter Piot and José Félix Hoyo, discuss the importance of preparedness, rapid response, coordination and community engagement in the management of an epidemic. Read article

The global economy: nothing new here

Argandoña, Antonio Big changes usually simmer on low heat. What we need to do is identify and leverage the macroeconomic, social and political shifts that can have a relevant impact on global firms. Read article
Information Technologies

How large is the disruption in banking?

Vives, Xavier Profitability concerns, fintech growth and the potential reach of Big Tech are reshaping banking. The case of China, where Alibaba's Ant Financial is permeating almost every aspect of consumers' lives, exemplifies this digital disruption. Read article

Coronavirus: exposing the importance of market diversification

Díaz Giménez, Javier In our very integrated global economy, epidemics such as the coronavirus, which broke out in China, touch every market in the world. On top of health concerns, it's an important reminder to business leaders to diversify in terms of suppliers and customers, says IESE's Javier Díaz Giménez. Read article

How to make wonderful decisions

García-Castro, Roberto; Ariño, Miguel Angel To make wonderful decisions, companies need to strike the right balance between effectiveness, attractiveness and unity, and then hone their strategic, executive and leadership abilities. These diagnostic tools may help. Read article