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Common ownership: implications for competition and markets

José Azar An interview with José Azar in which he explains some of his recent research on common ownership as well as labor market forces. He lets us in on common ownership's surprising implications for merger approvals, airline ticket prices and more. Read article

Which policies might combat inflation?

IESE Insight The war in Ukraine is taking a lot of the blame for high energy prices and inflation. But some causes go back further and won't end with a peace treaty. Which monetary and fiscal policies might best put an end to inflation, if not immediately, in the years ahead? Read article

Breaking the mold of management models

Roger Martin Executives are notoriously in love with frameworks or models. But could they be doing more harm than good? Here we examine three classic business issues from fresh angles. Time to break the spell of the tried-and-tested model. Read article
Decision Analysis

When hiring, don't regret the one that got away

Johannes Müller-Trede What feelings of regret tell us about decision-making in high-stakes situations, and why it is important that we keep learning as we move on. Read article
Leadership and People Management

The Big Picture: What's the story of your career?

IESE Insight Being able to tell your career story in a brief yet captivating way will help in job interviews. Is it more like a race or a river? Follow these metaphorical prompts, inspired by Mike Rosenberg's new book on career management in a changing world. Read article