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The economic recovery: slower, with risks, but also hopeful

Juan José Toribio; Pedro Videla Which risks and challenges are currently keeping economists up at night? IESE's Juan José Toribio and Pedro Videla point to supply bottlenecks, fiscal deficits, instability in the bond market and China. And while our recovery is slower than previously expected, there are reasons for optimism ahead. Read article

The Big Picture: The new drivers of value

IESE Insight When valuing companies, your market comparable may surprise you: a car company may have more in common with tech or luxury goods than another car company. Let's take a look under the hood. Read article
Leadership and People Management

4 principles to manage your career for the long term

Dorie Clark Just as CEOs jeopardize long-term growth by only focusing on quarterly profits, we risk falling into the same trap in our personal and professional lives. Follow these tips to break the short-term orientation, see the big picture, and tap into the power of small changes to transform your life and career. Read article

When the product offer isn't clear, change the way people think about it

Romain Boulongne If your potential customers are scratching their heads, consider "priming" them with a goal to accomplish. Goal prompts, along with analogies and prototypes, can help position your products strategically, according to IESE's Romain Boulongne. Read article

The COVID economy is here for the long haul

Javier Díaz Giménez A post-COVID economy? Not so fast, says Javier Díaz Giménez. Business leaders should accept that we'll be living in a COVID economy for a good long time, even with vaccines and a return to growth. Adapting to the new steady state is key to staying competitive. Read article

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