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Facing the present to prepare for the future

Mas, Núria To overcome the crisis caused by COVID-19, we must strengthen our health system and invest in economic transformation, while empowering people for the jobs of the future. Read article

How to live in an indebted economy Premium

Argandoña, Antonio Government policies have aimed to tackle both the pandemic and the economic crisis simultaneously. In the short term, this means taking on public debt, which markets are currently paying little attention to. But over the medium and long term, new measures will be required to ensure the stability of public accounts. Read article

10 basic ideas to understand the crisis that follows COVID-19 Premium

Toribio, Juan José We are facing the first truly global economic shock, hitting both supply and demand. Overcoming it will require more than just monetary and fiscal measures: a proportional reduction in individual income may help, if managed well. Read article

Political economy, or economic politics? Premium

Videla, Pedro Income inequality is a hot topic in the U.S. political debates. But has the income of the top 1% actually soared? Taking a closer look at some widely cited statistics is enough to raise some serious doubts. Read article
Information Technologies

The Big Picture: What's the future of banking?

IESE Insight Evolving consumer expectations, tech innovations, regulatory changes and new business models are fast reshaping the global banking industry. As the rules of the game change, who will emerge as the winners? Read article