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Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Impact investor Marta Hervás: doing good while generating returns

Capital used to be on one side, and ESG on the other, like two diametrically opposed concerns. But according to Arcano's Marta Hervás, impact investing is bridging that divide. Here she explains the rise of this new asset class. Read article
Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Suntory CEO Tak Niinami: "Harmony with people and nature is in our DNA"

IESE Insight The chief executive of one of the world's leading consumer products and beverage companies explains his business philosophy in this interview. He also shares his views on partnering with competitors for sustainability's sake. Read article

Economist Amartya Sen on growth in human terms

Marta Elvira, Amartya Sen Human development is at the heart of the work of the award-winning economist and philosopher Amartya Sen. Speaking with IESE's Marta Elvira, Sen underscores the importance of learning and communicating for advancing society. Read article

What's next for interest rates in Europe?

Núria Mas Spain's central bank chief, Pablo Hernández de Cos, clarifies the European Central Bank's new monetary policy strategy. He also explains why an interest rate hike is not expected in the short term, as three key conditions are not currently being met. Read article
Leadership and People Management

How to manage stress before it manages you

IESE Insight COVID-19 has raised all our stress levels, but what can we do? Follow these tips to stop stress from overwhelming you and your teams, and strengthen your collective resilience. Read article